Conflict of Interest Questionaire

Local Government Officers

Beginning January 1,2006,new conflict-of-interest disclosure requirements passed by the 79th Texas Legislature in House Bill 914 (HB 914) became effective. The new law applies to “local government officers”at school districts,junior colleges,and other political subdivisions and requires an officer to file a conflicts disclosure statement revealing certain relationships with vendors and gifts received from vendors. For school districts,“local government officers”who are subject to the new law include board members and superintendents.


As of January 1,2006,potential vendors will have to complete a conflict-of-interest questionnaire to disclose certain relationships between the vendor and district officers,including “affiliations or business relationships that might cause a conflict of interest.

The following vendors have completed a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire.  A copy of all questionnaires can be downloaded here

AIMS Education Foundation

All State Athletic

ASW Enterprise

Balfour-Taylor Publishing-Texas Letter Jackets

Bigger,Faster,Stronger Inc

Bill Clark Pest Control,Inc

Brandon Cameron Plumbing

C &C Sanitation

Callaway’s Auto Repair and Machine Shop

Carolina Biological Supply Company

Center for Equity and Adequacy in Public School Finance Inc

Charles K Fortenberry

Citizens State Bank

Creative Education Institute,Inc

Dairy Queen

Deep East Texas Self Insurance Fund

Edward B. Jordan

Enterprise Training Solutions

Eye On Education

Ferrera’s Heating &Air Conditioning

Food Service Holdings,Ltd

Greg Pearson

Joe Pickle

Kamico Instructional Media,Inc

Kenneth Jordan

Larry Grissom

Linebarger Goggan Blair &Sampson,LLP

Martin Romero


McDonald’s of SE Texas

Medina Lawn and Landscape

Miller’s Carpet Cleaning &Floor Service

Promaxima Manufacturing,Ltd

Public Education Resource Equity Center,Inc

REE inc

Renaissance Learning,Inc

Sandy James Turner

Sanitary Supply

Scholastic Southwest Regional Office

Schwartz and Eichelbaum,P. C.


Sharon Wells Consulting,Inc

Shurley Instructional Materials,Inc


Spurger Woodworks


Teletouch Communications,Inc

Texas Association of ,Secondary School Principles,Student Councils,and Future Educators

Texas Association of Community Schools

Texas Association of Rural Schools

Texas Association of School Administrators

Texas Association of School Boards,Inc

Texas Association of School Personnel Administrators

Timberline Constructors

US Toy Co. Inc

Visual Techniques