Attendance Tips

Attendance Tips to Help Your Child – 

Attendance: The action or state of going regularly to or being present at a place or event: “the legal enforcement of school attendance”.

In order for our students to achieve the educational opportunities provided by Spurger ISD they must be present in class on a daily basis. As illness and life events affect a student’s daily attendance their academic performance is directly affected. We ask that you work together with teachers, students and administrators to minimize the time and class work missed.

  • If a medical appointment is necessary during school hours allow student to attend the day up to or after the appointment. This practice will allow the student to minimize make up work.
  • Picking students up prior to release time does not allow for the student to receive the complete educational opportunities for the day.
  • In the event a student has an illness requiring an extended absence contact the teacher for missed work to avoid a hardship on your child when returning to school.
  • If a student is absent due to a death in the family the absence will be unexcused at the time of missing a day. Please be sure to bring a memorial program from the service as this will provide documentation for the Attendance Review Committee if the students’ absences are in review.

Please contact me if there is a question regarding the posting reason for an absence. I will research the documentation on hand and work with you to record you student’s information accurately.

Thank you,

Teresa Franklin
Attendance/PEIMS Coordinator

409-429-3464 x233