Two key responsibilities of the Texas Education Agency are assessing public school students on what they have learned and determining district and school accountability ratings. TEA provides an array of reports based on the results of student testing and other assessments. Another key function of the agency involves testing and certifying educators to make sure they are prepared to deliver high quality education to the state’s schoolchildren.

In accordance with these mandates, the following information is available:

2014 Accountability Rating

2014-2015 District Goals

District Performance Report

Texas Academic Performance Report 2013-2014

Texas Academic Performance Reports – 2012-2013

Spurger Elementary 2013-2014 Report Card

Spurger High School 2013-2014 Report Card

Highly Qualified – Elementary 2014-2015

Highly Qualified – High School 2014-2015

Public Notice-Career,Tech

Public Notice- Career Tech-Spanish